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Worst catastrophe in space history – or in space ‘journalism’?

Submit on Monday, January 30th, 2012 22:57

“German Satellite Almost Crashed into Beijing” is the sensationalist headline for a not much less sensationalist article published by German news magazine Der Spiegel. Almost? Anything that was left of the x-ray satellite Rosat after it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere last October plunged into the Bay of Bengal, which actually is the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean and nowhere near Beijing.Other Posts:Sirius Satellite Radio results Q2 2006Mars Lander lands in FloridaBall Aerospace to ship WISE spacecraftPatent Issued To MSV For Satellite-Terrestrial Communications SystemsInternational Communications Group Picks Spec Ops Inc. As DistributorO3b Networks completes satellite CDR with Thales Alenia SpaceWhat *if* there were less than 24 GPS satellites?ECAPS, Moog and ATK to bring green propulsion to the U.S.

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