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Update: Insurers to pay US$144 million for failed NigComSat 1 — report

Submit on Friday, November 28th, 2008 05:59

Satellite News Digest in its 24 November 2008 issue quoted a report by Nigerian newspaper Daily Independent that mentioned certain companies involved in the insurance of the failed NigComSat 1 satellite. One of these mentioned by the paper, SpaceCo of France, said in an e-mail that “the information you have quoted is extremely misleading and does not reflect the actual facts.” The company did not explain this any further. — Editor’s note: Sat-ND never claimed that SpaceCo (or any other of the companies mentioned) was actually providing cover for NigComSat 1. We are sorry for any misconception our article may have caused. What we correctly said (and what should be obvious upon careful reading) was that a Nigerian newspaper published a report that mentioned SpaceCo, amongst others, in this context. A URL for that article was also given so that any interested party could access the Daily Independent’s article immediately. […]

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