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Submit on Monday, September 25th, 2006 10:48

Solar X-ray Flux

This GOES X-ray flux plot contains 5 minute averages of solar X-ray output in the 1-8 Angstrom (0.1-0.8 nm) and 0.5-4.0 Angstrom (0.05-0.4 nm) passbands. Data from both operational GOES satellites are included. Some data dropouts will occur during satellite eclipses. SEC alerts are issued at the M5 (5x10E-5 Watts/m2) and X1 (1x10E-4 Watts/m2) levels, based upon 1-minute data. Large X-ray bursts cause short wave fades for HF propagation paths through the sunlit hemisphere. Some large flares are accompanied by strong solar radio bursts that may interfere with satellite downlinks.

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Satellite Environment Plot

This plot combines satellite and ground-based data in an attempt to present an overview of the current satellite envionment (particularly at geosynchronous altitude). Although these data are of interest to the satellite community, they do not include all parameters and energy ranges known to be associated with satellite anomalies.

This page updates dynamically every 5 minutes.

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