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History of DIRECTV

June 6th, 2012 by

DIRECTV started back in 1981 when Hughes Electronics and United States Satellite Broadcasting (USSB) were awarded frequencies along the 101 degree west location by the FCC. It took Hughes Electronics many years to build and launch the first high-powered satellite capable of handling multiple digital channels. Technology advancements in digital compression made it possible for the multiple digital channels to be stacked onto satellite transponders. The goal was to provide and deliver crystal clear digital channels to the customer’s home with a small satellite dish around 18 inches in diameter for the first time in history.Other Posts:Aerojet and NEC collaborate to explore low power ion propulsion systemsNASA selects GD-AIS to build LDCM satelliteShuttle launch delayed againJSAT and Sky Perfect Go For Closer IntegrationThe Importance of Cable TV Transmission To The SubscriberThe Hassle-Free Way to Install Dish Satellite TV5 Tips To Help Ensure Your DirecTV Installation Goes SmoothlySaab Space gets order […]

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Maritime VSATs: From Crew Amenity to Corporate Necessity

June 6th, 2012 by

by Chris FrithSingapore, June 4, 2012–Many fleet owners, looking to improve the lives of their crew by providing an affordable means for them to keep in touch with family and friends while onboard, turn to VSAT-based solutions to provide the connectivity.    But it doesn’t need to stop there.  The same VSAT system can be used to improve the bottom-line by enabling closer integration between ship and shore operations, just in the same way VSATs are used the world over to link branch offices to their headquarters.  This article examines the wide variety of ship based applications proactive fleet managers are now using their satellite link for. read moreOther Posts:NASA selects explorer mission of opportunity investigationsHughes Communications, Inc. results Q2 2008Channel 4 takes additional capacity on Astra 1NSatellite TV Service Is Good for You and Your BusinessGlobal Energy, RAMTelecom To Provide Wireless Broadband For Remote Oil And Gas SitesControl the TV With […]

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