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Investigation into upper stage pressure loss during latest Delta IV flight

Submit on Monday, October 8th, 2012 22:58

United Launch Alliance said it observed an unexpected data signature with the upper stage engine throughout a portion of the flight that launched GPS IIF-3 on 5 September. The Delta IV’s robust system design, flight software, vehicle margins and propellant reserves enabled the successful outcome for this mission, ULA said.Other Posts:Satelinx Research And Development Division ExpandsBadr-4 (Arabsat 4B) pre-launch detailsQinetiq Teams Up With SciemusCloudSat celebrates one year in orbitRAMTelecom Extends Private Placement ScheduleTop 5 Ideas to Get the Most Out of Your Satellite TV ServiceWhy Virginia and Maryland Love Satellite TVUpdate: Proton/Briz M lifts off with ViaSat 1
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