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Asia-Pacific Reaches 446 mil. Multichannel TV Homes

Submit on Thursday, November 1st, 2012 13:19

Hong Kong, November 1, 2012–CASBAA has released its annual estimate of Asia Pacific Multichannel TV homes, reinforcing the overall healthy state of the market. “Now with 446 million multichannel homes and a 57% penetration of all TV homes, the Asia Pacific remains a global engine room for the multichannel TV sector. Even as the rest of the world worries about overall economic indicators, the Asia pay-TV market remains in robust health,” said Simon Twiston Davies, CEO, CASBAA. read moreOther Posts:Iridium To Unveil Next-Generation ConstellationAustar Reorganizes Financial StructureXM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. results 2007Construction of TanDEM-X radar satellite completedViaSat Completes Acquisition of WildBlue CommunicationsGLONASS launch set for MarchInmarsat selects ILS Proton for Inmarsat-5KOMPSAT-3 pre-launch details
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